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name: Keli
taq: Kiwi
age: 15
birthday: 4.17
school: Ketcham
status like a dollar bill
aim: kraziekiwi69x
email: xoboylover143ox@yahoo.com


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My Bloq

September 26, 2004

eveRythinq yOu dO haz it`z way oF cOminq bak 2 yOu
sO nexT tiMe tHink b4 yOu acT bcz it neveR feeLz qOod
tO be sTabbeD in tHe baCk

beinq knOwn tO puT it dOwn wHeReva i qO
caTchinq loOkz by a tHuq or an uqLy aSz hOe

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September 10, 2004
i`ve chanqed my wayz ... neva liKe tha oLd dayz
u doN`t know mee oR whaT i`ve been thrUu
so befoRe u juDqe me ... qeT a fckn clue

tryina forqet some one u [[ l o v e d ]] is like
tryina memba some one u [[ n e v e r ]] knew

it`z (.hard.) to be wut you are
`nd [[.harder.]] to be wut *you`re not*
harder to kno wut you need to qet
harder to kno wut you`ve qot

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September 04, 2004
The memories u have are tha ones u make.

U`ll neva remember the testz u failed, but u`ll alwayz remember who u were with the night u decided not to study.

Memories build character but u characters helpd build my memories.

Life brinqs memories, smiles, `nd tears. The smiles will fade, the tears will dry, but the memories will last forever.

I always knew i`d look back on the tears `nd lauqh, but i never thought i`d look back on the lauqhs `nd cry.

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