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name: Keli
taq: Kiwi
age: 15
birthday: 4.17
school: Ketcham
status like a dollar bill
aim: kraziekiwi69x
email: xoboylover143ox@yahoo.com


August 2004
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My Bloq

August 19, 2004
When we first met i neva thouqht we'd be this close but our friendship right now to me means the most. No matter wut happens i will always be by ur side. I kno u care bcz of wut u said `nd how u cried. I will always remember wut we said that niqht, the promise, the tears, `nd even the fiqhts. I`m not tryinq to brinq up the bad thinqs of niqhts past, but the thinqs u said to me, in my heart they`'ll forever last. Wut i`m tryina say is that u will always be in my heart forever `nd ever. We are never qoinq to be apart.

If u`ve qot secretz u wanna tell, we can talk all day lonq. If ur dreams get broken sumhow, i`ll remind u that u belong. If u need sum place to hide, u can hold my hand for a while. If ur sky beqins to fall, i`ll stay wit u till u smile. Wheneva u need sum space, there`s my room - u can take it. If sum1 breaks ur heart, togetha we`ll unbreak it. When u feel sad or empty inside, i`ll show u ur not alone. If u qet lost out there, i`ll come `nd take u home. I`ll go wit u sumwhere else when u need to get away. And when nothinq seems to be qoinq right `nd u need a best friend, i`ll stay.

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