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name: Keli
taq: Kiwi
age: 15
birthday: 4.17
school: Ketcham
status like a dollar bill
aim: kraziekiwi69x
email: xoboylover143ox@yahoo.com


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August 06, 2004
If it weren't for the bad times, the qood times wouldn`t be as qood.

"It never hurts to keep lookinq for sunshine." -Eeyore

Never skip riqht to the happy endinq, u miqht miss the best part of the story.

Don`t reqret anythinq u did bcz at one point, wut u did was wut u wanted.

Life is too short so * live happily* - love deeply - : forqive quickly : `nd forqet the past but not wut it tauqht u.

Somewhere between all our lauqhs, lonq talks, dumb fiqhts, inside jokes, `nd memories ... somehow i manaqed to fall in love with u.

U lauqh at my stupidest jokes, qo alonq with my craziest ideas, put up with my worst moods, `nd still u manaqed to see the best in me.

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1 walkd with Jesus.

@ August 9, 2004 at 5:00 PM, Blogger Nikki said:
i wanna fuckin walk with jesus!! there i walked.. man im tired now.. lol love ya keli thanks for makin fun of my bear fantasy!