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name: Keli
taq: Kiwi
age: 15
birthday: 4.17
school: Ketcham
status like a dollar bill
aim: kraziekiwi69x
email: xoboylover143ox@yahoo.com


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My Bloq

August 14, 2004
As we qrow up, we learn that even tha 1 person that wasn`t sposed 2 eva let u down prolly will. u will hav ur heart broken. U`ll fiqht wit ur best friend `nd u might even fall in love wit `em. U`ll blame a new love 4 thinqz and old 1 did. U`ll cry bcz time is passinq so fast `nd u'll eventually lose sum1 u love. So take 2 many pictures, lauqh 2 hard, `nd love like u've neva been hurt, bcz evry minute of happiness that u`ll neva qet.

"Do not believe in anythinq simply bcz u have heard it. Do not believe in anythinq simply bcz it is spoken `nd rumored by many. Do not believe in anythinq simply bcz it is found written in ur reliqious books. Do not believe in anythinq simply on the authority of ur teachers `nd elders. Do not believe in traditions bcz they hav been handed down for many qenerations. But after obsevation `nd analysis, when u find anythinq that aqrees with reason `nd is conductive to the qood `nd benefit of one `nd all, then accept it `nd live up to it."

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